Monday, September 29, 2008

Just like Mom used to make.....

There are certain foods that remind me of my childhood and that bring back memories of growing up. Sunday lunch my Mom would make Sally Lunn bread & I remember it rising on the stove when we left for church. Christmas morning Mom would make a candy cane shaped coffee cake for breakfast, our week at the beach house always included a lemon pound cake.
When I graduated college I received the classic better Homes & Gardens cookbook which my Mom used quite a bit. Although it is a great cookbook for just starting out, it didn't have alot of those special recipes .
I started writing down my favorite recipes in a little notebook several years ago because I was not too fond of keeping them on recipe cards that I seem to easily misplace. When I began making notebooks & organizers I had a request for a recipe journal. At one of the first craft shows I had a very nice lady was looking for something to write down all her recipes for her daughter in law to give as a present. I knew from the one I use what my ideal recipe journal should include! The one I use is not really organized, I have my M&M cookie recipe right next to my chicken & dumplings so I added tabbed sections! I also added a pocket inside the front cover to put recipes that someone gives me til I have the chance to add them to my journal. Since then I have added them to my craft shows and Etsy shop.
I have also started two for my sons. It will be awhile yet before they are out on their own, but I am adding to it as they grow & learn to appreciate my squash casserole! I like to leave notes about the recipes too, like which ones were their favorite when they were 6!
Another thing I love about the recipe journal is that it is hand written by me. I am one of those who save old letters, there is something about the handwriting that
makes me feel like they are still close by.

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CalicoDaisy said...

Mary: That book design is really pretty. I'm going to link it to a friend of mine who is creating a recipe book for her daughter.
-- Michele