Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Candy Witch

My oldest son has a severe peanut allergy. From day one when we found out I have been creative with things I can do to keep him safe, yet still do all the other things like all the other children. Halloween was my biggest challenge. Dress up and go door to door collecting candy that 90% of it is unsafe for him to have.
It wouldn't be alot of fun to dress up and not ring the door bell & get to go out with friends.
My solution,
The Candy Witch!!!
All kids have a candy witch, but they don't know it.
You leave your stash of candy with Mom & Dad for safe keeping and when you get up the next morning, or home from school it seems a little lighter than before.
It is the candy witch, she comes & eats it!
Our candy witch was a bit different.
After trick or treating all the candy was put in a bag & placed on the
front porch as an offering to the candy witch.
When she arrived, she would inspect the goodies & if she found them acceptable, then would leave a small present in return.
This went over so well that after 3 houses my son was begging to go home so the candy witch would come! This year will probably be the last year the candy witch comes & I am a little sad.
My son is growing up too fast & I will miss the excitement of them trying to get a peak at the candy witch!

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