Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank you Sweetie!

I have a show this weekend and my sweet hubby has been such a trooper with all my requests for help and then some. When I had my first show, he made me weights so my tent would not blow away. Not only did he make the weights, but being the engineer he is, he designed them so I could easily attach them and even hunted down little bungee cords so they would not be knocking into other things. When I make my clipboards, it is my hubby who seals them for me.
He built a special board so they are off the ground and quick to dry. I get my hubby to seal them because he is much better with the can of spray sealer than I am and he understands what I want!
I made some magnets for a show a couple of weeks ago & they really sold well, so I have been making lots more for this show. The display I used in my previous show was a 10 x 10 punched tin picture that I covered with paper because it was just too country!
It is now way too small to display all these magnets. I told my hubby what I needed & my deadline and he made me a new frame with a smooth tin insert about 2/3 bigger than my old one.
Thanks Sweetie!
Love You!

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