Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have an unusual hobby or past time that I started when I was about 5 years old.
'Aunt Lou', who was a next door neighbor who babysat me when I was little, and I were out in the yard one day. She stopped at a patch of clovers and asked me to help her find
a four leaf clover. As a 5 year old my attention span was very short and I gave up after a bit.
Aunt Lou played a trick on me! When I wasn't looking she pulled off a leaf from a clover and
stuck it in with another to make it look like a real 4 leaf clover! I was surprised and she said I
had to be patient and take the time to look closely or I never would find one. I took that as a
challenge and ever clover patch I came upon I would scan in detail for four leaf clovers. Soon I was finding them left & right! Everywhere I looked seemed to be a 4 leaf clover and sometimes
when I wasn't looking there one was staring back at me.

Last night at my son's football game I found three more. My husband is just amazed by this.
I was going to meet my best friend for lunch. Buzzing down a back country
road, thinking about all the things I need to do, errands, orders, who needs to be where & when.
I see a familiar car coming from the other direction and it is slowing down really fast.
Just about that time I see the 35 mph speed limit sign!
Too late!
I pull over with those blue lights flashing and start digging for my license.
I have not had a speeding ticket in almost 20 years.
I am going to be late for lunch now and I can't speed off after this!
The Highway Patrol officer was very nice and asked if I had seen the speed limit sign.
I said yes, but I saw it too late!
We chatted a bit while I was trying to find the registration and off he went to his car.
A few minutes later he returns with my paperwork & that little slip of paper.
A warning ticket!
That is lucky!

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