Thursday, September 18, 2008

Something Fun!

I saw these neat clear little pails awhile back and knew they would be fun to make into a cute decorative container. I played around with one and made it into a teacher themed goodie pail so I could give it to my children's teachers for the holidays or teacher appreciation week.

Last week I had a request for one of the banks in my Etsy shop to be custom made for a gal who makes these awesome cupcakes. (check out her blog )

!!!!!warning it will make you VERY hungry for cupcakes!!!!

Well I have a habit of running across different things and altering them as in the case with the banks. So I couldn't make any more like those, I asked if she was interested in turning the pails into banks instead.

Now the fun part!

The pails had solid tops, just like a paint can, and I needed to make a slot for the money to go into. Talked to my hubby to see if he could cut one with a dremmel tool, but he was worried about messing up lids trying to get it just right.

He did come up with a good solution though! One of the machinist where he works owed him a favor so he took the lids to him after I marked where I needed them cut & did a wonderful job cutting out the slot!

The banks were so much fun to make so I ordered more today to make for upcoming shows in October. I am going to owe that machinist some homemade cookies!
Thanks for the inspiration Charity!


Michael Lerner said...

Teachers love fun gifts.

BrownBag*Boutique said...

These are adorable! They should be great sellers.