Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Learning Experience

I have been playing around trying out new things for a little change of pace.
One of my boys laid a glass disc on my work table and I have been moving it around
my papers thinking magnets would be fun to make!
While I was out at the craft store last week I picked up the supplies to try a few.
The magnets I picked up were not very strong so I checked out a supplier on etsy
who had some rare earth magnets & ordered a few.
I packed a little busy box for me to work on while watching my son play football & off to the field we went.

I made quite a few and had them all spread out on top of my box getting ready to attach the magnets. I had a devil of a time getting the magnets apart, they ARE strong! I gave that job to my hubby beside me.
So I start putting the magnets on and these things are like Mexican Jumping Beans!!
If you get too close to another one it will jump, which in turn makes me jump, which in turn ends up with a blob of glass, glue & magnets stuck together!
It takes awhile for the cement to set up too!
You should have seen us driving home with me gingerly holding a tray of magnets & hubby trying not to it any bumps, potholes or quick turns!

I think I like less stress in my crafts!

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