Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Reception Card Box

It all started with a customer from Etsy who requested a Peacock themed guest book for her wedding last year. She also wanted a matching box for her reception.
I had never made a box for guests to drop their cards in at the reception, but
that doesn't stop me from trying!
I made a few prototype boxes working on where I should put the slot for the cards to drop into easily, how wide the slot should be and even trying the slot out in different places on the box.
I had lots of fun with the peacock theme and working with this wonderful customer to create exactly what she wanted!
When I get an order for a card box I usually get the request for a box in certain colors.
I talk with the customer alot through the creating process.
First I am off buying papers to see if I can find exactly what they had in mind.
I load lots of paper choices on my Flickr account and when the final selection is completed I begin on the box.
As the box progresses, I am snapping pictures so the customer can see too!
This also helps if they would like to make any changes along the way.
I LOVE making these boxes, I love making something for some one's special day and like to add something special for them!
My last order was scary for me!
It was for two identical boxes, and the paper she selected was no longer available so I had only 3 12x12 papers to use. I had to be precise on all cuts and make the most of what I had, one mistake would be disaster! Nothing like a little stress!
The boxes turned out perfectly and even had enough paper left to make some tags out of to send with the boxes as a little 'thank you'.

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