Friday, January 23, 2009

Awesome Award!!!

Back in the early part of December
I ran across a post in the Etsy forums from
someone volunteering to proof read your shop.
I posted asking for another set of eyes to read over my listings
and Katy began checking out my shop.
Four other shops also signed up for her wonderful offer, so
Katy was a little busy! She sent me a convo to let me know when
she would be proof reading for me.
Well I did not make it easy on Katy!
I had a show and removed alot of my items to take with me,
seems Katy was proofreading at the time too!
And after the show was over I added the items back, also
seem to time it right when Katy was going through about 60 listings!!!!!!!

Sorry about that! :P

Katy kept on reading, catching my typos etc.!
After much begging & pleading from me Katy sent me her address so I could
send her a little thank you for all her hard work & eye strain.
Had a busy Christmas Season in the shop, I give Katy some of that credit for
catching my typos for me!
Every couple of weeks, I still get convo's from Katy who is STILL awesome enough
to help with my typos!
Last week I got an order from Katy for a little album to store her ACEO's.
I keep in touch letting her know when her order will ship
and ask if maybe she is interested in trading.

Katy does not have a shop on ETSY, she is a buyer.
Now I know you are thinking, she is pretty awesome to be a buyer and go through
all that work to help out a seller!! Yes, she is!
I had mentioned to Katy about trading cause she is in Canada.
She is in the land of Smarties & Kit Kat Bars.
Not smarties like those sweet tart rolls in the US.
Nestle in Canada makes chocolate that is peanut free.
My oldest son has a peanut allergy and most of the candy bars in the US are not
peanut free.
It has been over 5 years since Adam has had Smarties or Kit Kat Bar from Canada.
Well in a few short days that will change!
Katy instead of trading with me went & made up a package of chocolate
heaven and shipped it out to me!

Thank You Katy!!!

You have to be the most Awesome Person!

You don't know how much I appreciate You!!!!


Terri said...

I also have had the pleasure of meeting Katy aka LL through the etsy forums and I can't agree with you more. She is great!! Katy is always full of helpful and nice comments and has a great sense of humor. It doesn't surprise me she is hooking you up with some chocolate!!

The Naked Mushroom said...

Katy is one of my etsy angels, I love her to pieces!! She is so kind and thoughtful, I couldnt ask for a nicer friend!

BTW, my 4 yr old son is also allergic to peanuts and tree nuts!!

Bittybooks said...

She is an Angel! One in a million!
Hope I don't have any typos in my blog! I did use spell check Katy, I promise!!!!! :D