Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year New To Do List!

I am a list maker so this year instead of making resolutions
I made my to do list!
I like these steno books in my Etsy shop for making lists, they are
fun, pretty and motivate me to pull out my list and tackle a few items or add to it!
So here is my "To Do List for 2009"

My To Do List

1. Paint the trim work in the house
2. Paint the front door
3. Organize Christopher’s closet
4. Add more shelving to pantry for added storage
5. Clean out the garage
6. Donate clothes I have not worn & clean out our closet
7. Divide Daylilies
8. Divide irises
9. Have game night once a week
10. Go on at least three camping trips this year
11. Go through all my paper supplies & list ones I don’t use on Etsy
12. Make new curtains for the boy’s rooms
13. Work on my scrap books
14. Clean out one drawer or closet each week
15. Read more books
16. Learn to play guitar hero
17. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits & veggies each day
18. Don’t try to do all the to do list in one weekend!!!!!!!!!!
I have already started on my to do list! I completed #4, and started on #1.
There is alot more trim than I realized and I will be paying for being on my knees and bent over in a ball in the morning!!
What is on your 'to do list' for this year????

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