Friday, August 15, 2008

What's next......

I had a great time at the Mount Mitchell Craft Fair in Burnsville, NC! Met alot of new friends (Check out , sold my books and got some requests for some new items. One of the newest additions are clipboards. I usually have one that I use for my booth and the week before the show I decided to spruce it up a bit because as with all my books, why have plain when you can have pretty???Check Spelling

After decking out my clipboard, I had so much fun with it, I couldn't stop there and went out and bought more to embellish. Day one of the show the clipboards were gone including the one I made for me :( so I am busy making more for the next shows coming up in October and a couple of custom orders.

Another suggestion was photo albums. I have a mini one I am working on and another one that holds 4x6 photos. Here are the rough drafts of the albums, without the bling as my youngest says!

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CalicoDaisy said...

Hi Mary: Those look great. I saw some decorated clipboards in the Home edition of one of the Somerset magazines and thought they were a great idea.
-- Michele