Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unusual request

I love doing custom orders and part of that fun is creating something special and one of a kind
for special occasions! Weddings are always exciting, that one special day you dream about as a little girl! A good friend came to me with a request for an unusual gift for her neice's upcoming wedding. She wanted me to make her a guest book/photo album and a reception card box.

Nothing unusual there, have made quite a few for buyers on etsy, but the theme this time was a bit different. Camo! Not cameo, but camo as in hunting, army guy camo! I am up to a challenge so Chris & I discussed her niece's wedding colors and how the soon to be newly weds are into 'muddin', 4 wheeling & other fun things. She brought me the wedding invitation and drawing from that & the camo I started making the album & card box.

The invitation was a very nice casual wedding with great pictures of the couple with western hats and a twine bow. I took the invitation and cut it in half. The front I used to decorate the outside of the album/guest book. The base color was camo with a dark green textured paper on top. I really liked the bow picture in the invitation so I took some twine and coiled it around in a design to the left and tucked in two green hearts to accent the front. Chris also gave me a photo
she had of the couple and I inserted that in the inside front cover with two horseshoes intertwined. I made it so the couple could change the picture out later with one from their wedding day if they wanted. On the first page of the book I took the announcement part of their invitation and accented it with a little twine bow with beige card stock underneath.

Next for the box! When I started it looked like a hunting storage box & I was stumped! I needed to dress it up, you know it is going to a wedding so it needs it's Sunday Best!!!

The dark green paper just was too dark, so I pulled out a light brown and what a difference it made!! I accented the top with a green sheer ribbon bow, lighter green velvet ribbon with a silver buckle that reminds me of what I cowboy would have and I dressed up the card stock under the 'cards' tag like I did for their photo album.

Chris is on her way now to see the happy couple with a little something special just for them for their wedding day. The pics aren't my best, but you get a good idea!


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

When I started reading this, I was thinking, this is going to be so tacky when you're done. But it actually looks amazing! You don't even notice the camouflage too much. Great job, Mary!

Mary said...

This is why I love unique requests, it makes me think out of the box! Some other unique request~~ a peacock themed guest book & card box~~~dog themed baby photo album, all were alot of fun to make!!

What unusual requests do you have???