Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tools of the Trade????????????

So you would expect some one who makes little books and other paper things to
have alot of the scrapbooking tools, the paper cutters, scissors, knife, glue ink,
bone folder, binding machine. As I was working the other day & picked up my push pin
I thought about how some of the things I use as 'tools' might surprise others and tried to think of all my 'not neccessarily thought of as a tool' tools.
  1. push pins (great for poking a hole to put in brads)
  2. sandpaper ( great for smoothing some rough edges off the paper & distressing
  3. hot pad from my kitchen (it's made of cork so great when I need to push an awl through things and not poke me by mistake!)
  4. make up sponges (even my books get a beauty treatment when I use these to paint!)
  5. q tips (sometimes I need a little paint touch up or when I distress papers)
  6. baby wipes ( my books get cleaned up after the sandpaper or inking! me too sometimes!!
  7. my sewing machine ( I like sewing papers together to make pockets or sometimes instead of glue to hold things together)
  8. toothbrush (my tools are sounding more like my things primp in the mirror alot!! The toothbrush I use to make splatter spots to distress or age the paper or book)
  9. A piece of crepe rubber (like on the bottom of shoes, this is my magic eraser for glue smudges, rub it on the spot and it erases the glue off without messing up my paper!)

So there are my 'tools' of the trade, I like being able to find different uses for everyday things!

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