Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little competition

Boys in Front of Sword Gate in Charleston SC
My oldest son is wanting to earn some money doing chores around the house.
I was very excited about delegating some of cleaning! I made up a chore chart, nothing
major, (set the table, empty the dishwasher & empty all the trashcans).
I wanted to add clean the bathrooms, but his idea of clean & mine live miles apart!
Then I added my one rule.
If I have to tell you to do the job then it doesn't count!
I posted the chart on the fridge for him to sign off as his chores were completed.
If all jobs were completed everyday then he gets $5.
Day One:
Didn't have to ask and all jobs were completed!
Day Two:
Little brother who is a money mogul, discovered the chore chart and signed off on a couple of the jobs!
Day Three:
Big Brother got up earlier so he could get his name on a few of those jobs!
(I had to add range for number of blocks completed & amount paid since we have some friendly competition now!)
Day Four:
Little Brother took care of all the jobs available!
Day Five:
I am in HEAVEN!!!
I have not had to even ask or listen to complaints about having to help!
I am now making out a bigger chore chart
and maybe this time I will add bathrooms, dusting, ironing, cleaning blinds????

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