Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Polar Express

The son's class is doing their Christmas Party at school in the Polar Express theme.
They will wear their pj's to school, drink hot chocolate, watch the movie
and eat goodies. The teacher asked for a craft for the kids to make and
I volunteered to come in & help the kids make a little something.
I picked up some foam ornament shapes for the kids to decorate, but the more
I thought about it, the less I liked that idea.
So in keeping with the Polar Express theme, I decided to make tickets
for their 'trip.'
I found a vintage looking train gif and used that as the graphic for the ticket.
I printed the tickets up on gold paper and after cutting them out, inked the edges in gold.
I then decided to have the kids make little 'travel journals' of their trip on the polar express.
I have been cutting out mat board for 22 kids and decorating the covers so they can make their books. I will cut all the pages and have the parts ready to go so at the party they can assemble their books, punch the holes and bind them for a little keepsake of their day.
We can add the tickets in the book too!
I am going to bring in lots of ink pads so the kids can ink the edges of their book & pages
to age them. I have alot of scrap paper , rubber stamps & stickers for them to use to decorate
their books too.
I have one more week to get all my items cut before the party, will post pictures of the class with their finished books!


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

I love that movie! I thought it would be really boring so I avoided watching it but then my mom had it on a few years ago and I fell in love! Now I have to watch it every year at Christmas-time.

Michelle said...

very very cute!