Sunday, November 16, 2008

Something New!

I have had several requests at craft shows for a Birthday Book so I finally sat down and started creating one! Here is my first one that I just listed in my Etsy shop.
I made 12 sections for the book, one for each month.
I choose to split the month into two pages, 12 pages in a book just seemed
a little too thin for this size book. On page one of each month is numbered
1-16 with a space to the left to write in all the names of people who have Birthdays or anniversaries that day. The second page is numbered 17-29, 30 or 31 depending on the month.
I choose a daisy print paper that has an aged look to it and keeping with that aged look, I inked the edges and stippled the pages with gold & black inks so they would look a little aged too!
Inside the front cover I also added a sewn pocket to hold a book of stamps or maybe a few small cards too!
I think on my next one I will not make the dates more of a number with line beside it instead of table form. What other changes do you think I can make to improve this?

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calicodaisy said...

Great idea! And very pretty, too. -- Michele