Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game Weekend

My sister & brother in law live in Columbus, Ohio and we are headed up tomorrow to go visit and see the OSU vs Michigan game Saturday.
I had the opportunity to go see an OSU game last year, but my husband has not. It is quite exciting to see & I know he will really enjoy it.

The kids really want to go, but I do not think they can sit in the cold for the whole game.

My sister has planned alot of other fun things around the game that I think the kids will enjoy, I know I am looking forward to them!

We will get there late Thursday night so we can sleep in Friday morning!!

Friday afternoon is an OSU pep rally and we are trying to get to the band practice also.
My oldest has just started band this year & both boys love hearing the OSU band too.

After that we will grab dinner at the Ghanna Grill, one of our favorite burger places, then head to Pickerington to hear the Michigan band play.

Early Game Day we will try to get into the skull session to hear the OSU band. After that we will go to the stadium and check out everything, get pictures with Brutus and checkout the tailgating parties!

When it is close to game time my sister & I will head back to her house with the kids to watch the game by the nice warm fire & no lines for the bathroom!

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