Monday, January 7, 2008

Ok Create Now! Now!!!!

How do I create these books? Well when I first sit down at my desk I piddle for the first few minutes, looking through alot of papers waiting for a little inspiration to hit. I have worked on a few books and hit a wall where I am not happy with it yet & the book sits on the shelf above my desk for a couple of days or so when I will pick it up again and find that missing piece that it needed. I sometimes start with my embellishments, tags, stamps, or colors that I have seen that spark the fire! After I play around a bit, trying out different techniques to warm up, then I get into it and before I know it the kids are coming in the door from school! I think that has been the hardest part, creating under a deadline! When I did my first craft show my sister was on me to be sure I had enough inventory to bring. When you haven't sold at a craft fair before, you don't know what to expect!! I would get up and be at my desk by 7 am and work all day. Now I work a little each day and a couple of days a week I will have a longer studio time to create! Tuesdays are usually my studio time, so be sure to check out my Etsy shop those evenings for the new items!

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